Spice up your cup of coffee!

Sometimes coffee-lovers want to try something new and spice up their everyday, go-to cup of coffee. I know I’m one of them. But rather then running to the nearest coffee shop, why don’t you make it yourself? Here are some recipes of new ways to drink your favorite caffeinated beverage!


25+ Delicious Coffee Recipes – Lattes, Frappes + MORE! // anightowlblog.com

You might just want to check out these 25 fantastic coffee recipes – lattes, frappes and more from some of my fave bloggers!

25+ Delicious Coffee Recipes - lattes, frappes and more!


21 Homemade Espresso Recipes (hot and iced) // frugallivingnw.com

Espresso is so delicious, but can be spendy if you’re stopping by your local Starbucks or coffee house to satisfy your craving. Here are 21 espresso drink recipes from around the web you can make at home at a fraction of the cost!

 21 Homemade Espresso Drink Recipes -- Includes hot and iced options. Perfect way to get your caffeine without breaking the bank!


25 Amazing Coffee Drink Recipes // annsentitledlife.com

Hot, whipped, spiked or iced; enjoy your java in bold and decadent new ways with these 25 amazing coffee drink recipes! Mochas, Lattes, Cappuccinos and more!

25 Amazing Coffee Drink Recipes. Hot, whipped, spiked or iced; enjoy your java in bold and decadent new ways with these 25 amazing coffee drink recipes! Mochas, Lattes, Cappuccinos and more!


Mmmh~ Don’t those look so good? You could spend months making all kinds of coffee drinks. Just don’t drink too much, or else you’ll be to buzzed to sleep at night!


How to be a Latte Artist 101

Let’s be real here, the amount of practice, skill, patience, and precision that latte artist have it unreal. I think having the ability to create beautiful latte art is great for impressing people and add some beautiful art into your life!

Want to make some beautiful latte art? Here are some starting places to help you on your feet!


How to make Latte Art: The Basics in Slow Motion // by barista Dritan Alsela

Here is a slow motion video of a barista making various basic latte art!


Latte Art – How to Pour a Heart // monkeysee.com

Here is a video showing you how to pour a heart, which is one of the simplest latte arts to start off with and practice!


[Infographic] A Baristas Guide To Latte Art // visualistan.com

And finally, here is an infographic on tips and tricks guide on learning how to create latte art!

A Barista's Guide to Latte Art


Impress people with creating beautiful masterpieces on latte! And then sit back and relax with your cup of artistic latte!

Try for Chai!

Ever had chai tea? Well let me tell you, it’s amazing. Originating from India, Chai tea is an extremely popular tea beverage that tastes like heaven. So why not spice it up a bit? There are thousands of recipes out there that make the beautiful Chai tea even better; try them out for yourselves!

Would you like a cup of tea? – Chai Tea, that is // thekitchenismyplayground.com

It’s so easy to make your own flavorfully delicious Chai Tea Latte mix at home.  All it takes is a few simple ingredients & a whirl in a food processor!


Coconut Chai Latte // rotinrice.com

The inspiration for today’s Coconut Chai Latte came from a recent visit to a fusion Indian restaurant here in Minneapolis. This creamy spice infused tea goes well with strongly flavored dishes and takes only minutes to prepare. All you need are some teabags, spices, sugar, and coconut milk.


Maple Chai Tea Latte Recipe // throughherlookingglass.com

Maple Chai Tea Latte is a sweet and spicy hot drink to warm you up on chilly fall and winter days. Chai tea leaves steep in your choice of milk, then infuse with overtones of vanilla and lightly sweetened with pure maple syrup.


Chai Coconut Bubble Tea // mjandhungryman.com

I mostly drink green tea, but I also have a soft spot for chai (my usual at Starbucks: Chai tea latte with soy milk). So I’ve decided to share with you this simple and fun recipe for Chai Coconut Bubble Tea.


Chai tea is a gift to the world. It’s sweet, tasty, and you can make so many different recipes with it! If you haven’t tried Chai Tea and you’re a tea lover, you absolutly MUST try it.

Coffee for the lazy

Rather then going out just to get a cup of coffee, why not make your favorite cup of coffee at home! If you’re staying home all day with no plans to head out, driving out to get your favorite cup of coffee isn’t very efficient.

But everyone can make their own cup of coffee, right? But can make all the different kinds? Can you get the perfect grind? If you can, then props to you go be a barista, but for the average people like me, here are some guides to making the perfect cup of coffee right in your very home!

[Infographic] How to Make Coffee and Share Fun Coffee Tips Like a Pro // financesonline.com

Store on fun facts, helpful hints and fascinating frugal clues how to choose the right fit to your coffee tastes from this infographic which spreads information and inspiration perfect for your second cup.

[Infographic ] Not Your Average Cuppa’ Joe – Finding Your Coffee Making Soulmates // Bed Bath & Beyond via Pinterest

Now you can have the perfect cup of coffee without having to leave your house. Plus, you can send money and gas!

Party with style. Tea style!

House parties with alcohol are too over ranked, let’s go back to the good old times, channel our inside Victorian style, and sit down at a nice tea party!

I for one love to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea with couple of good friends; it’s a great way to catch up with people you haven’t talk to for a while, or just simply hang out and enjoy some company!

And with spring in the air, what’s a better time for a tea party then now? Let’s host a tea party!


From tea party invitations to table decorations . . . great tips for hosting an afternoon tea! // creationsbyleslie.com

An afternoon tea is the perfect setting to bring forth a gathering of family and friends in an intimate setting filled with beauty and pleasure.


4 Simple Steps To Hosting the Perfect Tea Party // club31women.com


Spring time is for sitting down with a nice cup of coffee tea and talking to your friends and family. A tea party, whatever the occasion is, is the perfect party for the spring!

Every Time is Tea Time

We all need a little boost to improve our mood and help with our daily lives. Life isn’t easy. Luckily, different teas have different effects and benefits that can help us with all sorts of things from mood, to health, and much needed energy!


9 Teas for Different Moods // aol.com

It’s common knowledge now that tea… can have a huge effect on your health, shown to prevent such ailments as cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and eye disease. But did you know that tea can also have a huge effect on your mood?


Types of Teas and Their Health Benefits // webmd.com

Tea has caught the attention of researchers in the West, who are discovering the many health benefits of different types of teas.


Pick the Perfect Tea for Every Mood // theindianspot.com

Feeling sad, stressed or disturbed? A tea can boost your brain and alertness and give you the much needed energy according to the mood.


Infographic shows the health benefits of teas and tisanes // treehugger.com

Created by Express Vending, the infographic shows only those teas whose active herbal ingredients are supported by scientific studies (via WebMD), rather than anecdotal evidence or herbalists’ recommendations.


There are teas for almost everything you need in your daily life! Remember to be near a bathroom if your drinking a lot of tea.

A Cup of…. Coffee vs. Tea

The world’s two most popular drinks that helps improve your day. But which one of better? Tastier? Healthier? Both coffee and tea are better in their own way!

[Infographic] Health Benefits of Coffee Vs. Tea // mindbodygreen.com

Did you know that coffee can improve short-term memory and tea protects against heart disease?


[Infographic] The Health Benefits of Tea & Coffee // visualistan.com



[Infographic] A Cup a Day: How Coffee and Tea Helps You Stay Healthy // best-infographics.com

This infographic from Westways Vending covers how tea and coffee are good for your health.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to your taste and opinion. Whether you like one, or both, or neither (you monster).

The Client is NOT Always Right

Creative block? Bad client? Have to change something for the 137th time? You’re not alone! Us designers know the pain and struggles we all have, so while your stubborn client tries to convince you to use comic sans and send you their logo in a jpeg format through a word doc, here are some hilarious and relatable blogs!


10 Hilarious Charts That Explain What a Designer’s Life is Really Like // creativemarket.comDesignerLifeinCharts6.jpg


The Client Is Always Right: Designer Turns Hilarious Client Quotes Into Posters // http://designtaxi.com



19 Things That Clients and Bosses Should Stop Saying to Designers // digitalsynopsis.com



Want to read stories of clients that other designers go through? Share your own bad client stories? There is a website just for that!



Let’s be real here, the client is almost never EVER right. At least they make interesting stories to tell while drinking coffee with your designer friends!

A Matcha made in Heaven

Are you a tea-lover, coffee-lover or overall caffeine-lover looking for a new caffeinated drink to add to your addiction? Join the crave for Matcha Tea! Matcha tea is powered green tea with amazing benefits!

7 Things You Should Know About Matcha // http://www.health.com

If you’re curious about this trendy beverage, here are seven things you should know.

Matcha Guide! // http://www.thegardengrazer.com


Matcha is a healthy, tasty, trendy drink for tea and coffee lovers alike. A perfect match-a!

Herbal Tea = De-Stressing Tea

Stress. We’ve all been there. Whether from school, or work, or other personal issues, we’ve all have experienced stressful time in our lives. If you are a tea-lover in need of some relaxing and unwinding, or just someone looking for a simple solution to stress, herbal tea is your answer! Herbal tea is great for reducing stress and calming anxiety, a perfect remedy for the anxious tea-lover.


Best Tea for Stress and Anxiety // http://truestressmanagement.com

Research on the many health-boosting powers of tea shows that not only does a daily cuppa (or more) boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and even keep your memory sharp, many kinds of tea – and even the comforting rituals of preparing it – can reduce stress, calm anxiety and improve mood.


Top 5 Herbal Teas to Soothe Stress-related Ailments! // http://www.body-in-balance.org

Drinking herbal teas or tisanes can do miracles for your mind and body! They form a perfect base for relaxing after a full and hectic day at work and to de-stress your lifestyle!


We all deserve to relax once in a while. Just sit back, relax, and have a cup of tea!