How to be a Latte Artist 101

Let’s be real here, the amount of practice, skill, patience, and precision that latte artist have it unreal. I think having the ability to create beautiful latte art is great for impressing people and add some beautiful art into your life!

Want to make some beautiful latte art? Here are some starting places to help you on your feet!


How to make Latte Art: The Basics in Slow Motion // by barista Dritan Alsela

Here is a slow motion video of a barista making various basic latte art!


Latte Art – How to Pour a Heart //

Here is a video showing you how to pour a heart, which is one of the simplest latte arts to start off with and practice!


[Infographic] A Baristas Guide To Latte Art //

And finally, here is an infographic on tips and tricks guide on learning how to create latte art!

A Barista's Guide to Latte Art


Impress people with creating beautiful masterpieces on latte! And then sit back and relax with your cup of artistic latte!


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