The Client is NOT Always Right

Creative block? Bad client? Have to change something for the 137th time? You’re not alone! Us designers know the pain and struggles we all have, so while your stubborn client tries to convince you to use comic sans and send you their logo in a jpeg format through a word doc, here are some hilarious and relatable blogs!


10 Hilarious Charts That Explain What a Designer’s Life is Really Like // creativemarket.comDesignerLifeinCharts6.jpg


The Client Is Always Right: Designer Turns Hilarious Client Quotes Into Posters //



19 Things That Clients and Bosses Should Stop Saying to Designers //



Want to read stories of clients that other designers go through? Share your own bad client stories? There is a website just for that!


Let’s be real here, the client is almost never EVER right. At least they make interesting stories to tell while drinking coffee with your designer friends!


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